How to Avoid Pipe Forming Machine Problems?

Pipe Forming Machine

How to Avoid Pipe Forming Machine Problems?

The main role of the pipe forming machine is to form the different components like joints, flanges, seals, gaskets, joints etc of any type of pipe in a perfect way. It is usually made up of steel tubing having the jacket and pipe threads as the core. These tubes are generally supplied in unformulated or compressed form. The tubes are bent into different shapes and sizes and after that they are welded together.

Basically, the four basic pipe joining operations are done by the pipe forming machine unit. The processes are done on both the vertical and horizontal axis. The machine unit consists of the mandrels, table, cup shaped core and a rotating screw. The bowl and cylinder are then placed on the table and the bowl and cylinder is then fixed on the mandrel.

While operating the pipe-making machine you have to be careful about maintaining the right measurements. The weld on the steel pipe needs to be straight at all the joints. You also need to keep an eye on the wall thickness of the bowl. If the bowl and the cylinder are not of the same size then the internal diameter will be greater than the external diameter. This difference in the internal and external diameter leads to various other problems.

Some of the common problems associated with the pipe formation machines are the clogging of the pipe joints, the premature wearing away of the pipe threads, the formation of cracks in the pipes and the leakage of water. If you notice any of these problems with your pipe formation machine then it is time for you to replace the whole machine. Moreover, if the water leakage is taking place then it means that there is something wrong with the pipes and it needs to be looked into. You should remove the pipe benders and the hoses and look into the repair job yourself.

Another problem that occurs with the pipe benders and the pipe fittings is the formation of dirt, dust, grease and carbon. All these forms of dirt and grease stick to the internal threads of the pipe and hence they prevent the proper and smooth flow of the liquid. This results in a reduction in the performance of the machine. When the flow of the fluid is affected then it leads to the blockages and hence the performance of the machine is reduced. In such a case then it is advisable to get the replacement of the pipe fittings and the pipe benders from the manufacturer.

If you are using the machine for long duration then it might lead to the tearing of the pipes. The temperature inside the machine can also damage the internal parts of the machine. If you do not use the pipe forming machine properly then it might lead to the failure of the machine. It is therefore necessary that you take care of the machine and maintain it properly. Even though this device is comparatively less expensive than other machines but it has lots of problems and hence it is essential that you take extra care. The problems which arise in the machine are mainly due to the misuse, lack of knowledge and proper maintenance.