PEX Pipe Testing Machine For Concrete Pipe Repair

Pipe Testing Machine

PEX Pipe Testing Machine For Concrete Pipe Repair

A PEX piping machine is primarily used for pipe sealing and repair or inspection services. There are several models of this type of machine available in the market and a buyer needs to decide the one most suitable for his application. Some of the features to look for when purchasing a PEX pipe machine include:

Double acting actuators is incorporated on both ends of the pipe. The upper and lower swing of the double acting actuators is 500mm. The main function of these actuators is to control the opening and closing of both ends of pipes at pre-determined ranges. Load cell is also used for exact control of pipe movement and load cell is employed for precise load measurement.

Hydraulic piston is another important feature of this type of machine which controls the movement of large diameters of pipes at pre-determined range. The hydraulic piston works on motor and is located in the cylinder area. This type of PEX machine performs its work by controlling the force of air exerted on the pipe at one end. This force of air exerts a downward pressure on one end of the pipe, which causes the inner end of the pipe to freeze.

A bottom bearer is an integral part of the machine which is positioned below the hydraulic piston. This part provides support to the pipes from any side. The size of bottom bearer is selected on the basis of available space. If you want your bottom bearer to be placed close to the hole you are going to repair, then you need to select a smaller bottom bearer. On the other hand, if you want the bottom bearer to be placed very far away from the hole, then you have to select larger bottom bearer.

The three main parts of this repairing machine are namely upper actuator, lower actuator and power pack. Upper actuator contains steel shaft and is located above the hydraulic piston. Lower actuator contains iron shaft and is located below the power pack. Power pack includes an iron core and a motor which is attached to the lower end of pipes.

These three parts of the testing machine play a vital role in the repairing of concrete pipes. However, when it comes to buying a PEX machine, you should take care of two things i.e. the quality and the price of these machines. Cheap machines may not perform better than expensive ones and vice versa. So, it is up to your smartness to locate a seller who offers cheap concrete pipe repairs but offers good quality machine.