Uses of the Tube Mill

Tube Mill

Uses of the Tube Mill

The production of metal objects by means of heating and pressing of heated elements is known as tube milling. The welding of flat strip to a finished product, including round tube, conical pipe or block, box sections, and many structural members, is an established multibillion-dollar business that had its roots over a century ago in the Tambomachang area of Thailand. Many items which use today’s technologies, such as oil piping, plastic pipe, and metal tubing, are made on welded tube machines. The need for skilled personnel to operate this machinery has kept the technology relatively simple over the years and allowed it to be inexpensive to produce large amounts of metal. Tube welding is a process by which metal strips are heated and pressed together, usually using tungsten inert gas (TIG welding), which in turn binds the metal by a Tungsten bonding agent. Common materials used for tube welding are stainless steel (or carbonized steel if there is a need for strength or toughness) and aluminium.

There are three different kinds of tube milling machines: the drum, rotary vane, and the wire wheel. Rotary vane machines are usually used to weld sheet metal to larger panels, such as those needed for cabinet frames. Wire wheel machines are the ones most often seen in shops. The difference between these types of machines is that the drum machine produces circular plates of varying widths and the wire wheels deposit their welding work piece in a cylindrical pattern. This means that both the width and the thickness of the welding process material can be customized to the specific needs of the customer.

Wire wheel tube milling machines generally operate with a minimum and maximum diameter range of 0.5 inches to three inches, depending on the required diameter range for the particular application. To weld long pieces of heavy gauge wire or stainless steel, the minimum diameter range is set to 0.35 inches. The maximum diameter range for this application is three inches to three and a half inches. When working with thinner materials such as aluminum, the range is usually smaller than one inch to two inches. Because the minimum and maximum diameter ranges are customizable, they can be adjusted for the application needed for a particular project. The welded roll form systems of this type are more expensive to produce, but the ability to produce intricate detailed products with a greater number of individual rounded pieces allows the small startup business to compete with much larger firms.

idle side tube milling machines operate at slower speeds and lower temperatures than do the rotating variety. They are designed to quickly heat up and cool down the pre-heated gas flow to bring the machining operation to a halt and allow for thorough cleaning of the heated area. The stationary side of this type of machine is similar to the rotary type; it just does not have a cooling fan to keep the pre-heated metal from getting too hot. This is an important feature when working with thinner materials where cleanliness is extremely important.

A key consideration when using any type of tube mill forming equipment is safety. All machinery should be properly maintained and kept in good operating condition at all times. All employees should be fully aware of the proper operation and use of all machinery. Safety must be kept in mind even when working with exotic and hard to use products. All staff should be trained on the safe use and maintenance of all machine tools. Welded round products should be carefully inspected by both employees and management before being released for use to ensure that all safety considerations have been properly addressed.

The welded roll forming system is a versatile machine and is used for many different applications. Small to medium sized jobs can be easily handled with this unique technology. Larger and heavier materials can be too much to handle for other systems. Whatever the job may be, the welded roll forming system can handle it. Many industries and businesses rely on this unique technology for successful operations.