Why Should You Test Pipes With a Hydraulic Pipe Testing Machine?

Pipe Testing Machine

Why Should You Test Pipes With a Hydraulic Pipe Testing Machine?

The UTSP-0000 Concrete Pipe Testing Machine was engineering to complete crushing tests on drain and sewer pipes, copper pipes, fixtures, nuts and washers. The machine is capable of working with a variety of diameter and length pipes of different diameters. It can also work in hard to reach places. The machine is used in mines, power plants, chemical plants, refineries, paper mills and several other places where heavy concrete or other pipes are to be tested. This equipment is used worldwide for pipe and pipelines testing to ensure that pipes and pipelines do not fracture or burst while they are under pressure.

The machine is a fully automatic testing machine that needs no operator assistance. The apparatus has a control platform that is fixed on two rods. In the process of testing pipes and cables this is positioned near the end of the pipelines. The apparatus can also be pointed anywhere in a pipe; however, it is mainly useful to its intended work location. Once the pipe is placed inside the confines of the testing machine, it will be crushed using high powered air and then inspected for its quality.

The hydrostatic testing machines are also used to test the quality and strength of underground drainage pipes. Usually this type of tests are performed during the rainy season when water levels in the pipes rise. This equipment is specially designed and built to withstand high pressures and high water levels, which are very helpful when you need to check the condition of underground pipes at all times.

The main advantage of using this type of testing machine is that you can test various lengths of pipes at the same time. Also it enables you to check pipes and cables of different diameter and of varying length. You do not have to start from the middle of the pipe. The hydrostatic testing machines are capable of measuring the inner diameters as well as the outer diameters.

There is a special type of this device that can measure the inside pressure of a pipe or the outside pressure. The hydrostatic machine is designed in such a way so that it can quickly respond to the changes in pressure. One end of the pipe is attached to the nozzle of the machine while the other end is attached to a control device. The hose that is attached to the other end of the pipe is referred to as the Hydraulic piston. The Hydraulic piston acts like a plunger so that it forces the Hydrostatic piston into one end of the pipe or the other.

When you test the quality of a specific pipe or you want to find out about the load resistance of particular pipes then you can depend on hydrostatic pipe testing machines to help you out. The machine has a remote control that lets you set the desired test pressure. The other major benefit that you can enjoy from this machine is that you do not have to remain in one spot to run the test. All that you need to do is to put the hose on the pipe and start the operation. You can easily use this to assess the pipe capacity, leak detection and also the stress testing of the pipes.