How to Accessorize This Season’s Look

There’s no mistaking Pip Mill‘s sassiness. The New York native and former dancer for the Yardbirds dresses down in a crisp pinstripe blouse over a patterned top on a sheer gray dress. The designer also donned jeans, a white shirt and a chunky necklace in the same shade of turquoise. A black belt clutches her waist in a sling-back leather jacket and across her face is a mischievous pendant.

“As the new year approaches, I’m packing some sparkle in my look-and that’s means bringing more bold accessories as well,” says Pip. Go for the glam-y look this season. Lightweight pieces in jewel tones lend a fresh contemporary edge. Party items. Ties in rhinestones add a touch of glamour.

“This year, I am really going for a punk-chic vibe. I love this whole edgy, urban/goth look. Mixing this with metallic jeweled pieces, belts and shoes with lots of glitter, it’s totally fun,” says Miller.

With spring just around the corner, Pip Miller is ready for a rocking look. She wears a sleek, ankle-strap sandal that matches her strappy stilettos. Her hairdo is an up-do from top to bottom, ending with a neat, straight buzz cut. She adds a few danglers here and there with her chandelier earrings, oversized silver hoop earrings and chandelier necklace.

If you’re thinking of dressing like the diva this season, get the latest trends in women’s fashion jewelry. It’s a must-have in your wardrobe. With the right accessories and the right hair style, you’ll be the center of attention.

Get ready for spring by wearing bright colors, such as pinks, purples and blues. Your hair should be freshly bleached or lightly dyed, since you’re going to look quite messy. A light-colored, stylish dress will perfectly compliment your sandals, flats and jewelry. Try to stay away from the floral prints and stick to the clean, crisp lines. For more great ideas, check out our website.

The look of glamour doesn’t end with the outfit. Your entire appearance should exude confidence and a sense of fun. Wear jeweled accessories, such as a trendy pair of earrings. Accessorize with large bracelets or tie a thin strand of hair behind your ears. You’re looking fabulous, so take some time to plan your look.

This season, there are many hot trends in women’s clothing and jewelry. Our favorite accessory, the shawl pin, is perfect for any look. You can wear it with anything, including pants, skirts and dresses. If you’re worried about not having enough ventilation when you’re out dancing, then invest in a shawl pin.

Finally, don’t forget to wear your pip along with your favorite footwear. For warm-weather events like beach parties and barbeques, wear shorts or a skirt. For cooler events, you can put on comfortable sneakers. Whatever your preference, follow these tips and make sure to get ready to dance the night away in Philadelphia this summer!