Tube Polishing Machine For Shave and Hairpolishing

Tube Polishing Machine

Tube Polishing Machine For Shave and Hairpolishing

Stainless steel tube polishing machine with optimal high output, optimum surface texture, durable performance, high repeatability. The rotating drum speed control (optional), with variable-speed control over the complete length of the rotary tubing, can achieve the optimal processing efficiency regardless of the size or shape of the workpiece. A self-contained, sealed-pool cleaning system with dual water pumps eliminates the need for separate cleaning fluids. The cleaning system also prevents the need for separate pumps and recharging devices.

This is a fully automatic and fully serviceable stainless steel tube finishing machine with dual wet and dry finishing capability. The precision spherical grinding and disc braking capabilities ensure accuracy and durability in any size and shape of the work piece. The high-precision ceramic coating for smooth finish ensures superior optical and physical properties. This is the latest model in the circular milling and tube finishing technology.

The dual speed control provides the user full control of the performance of this machine. It allows the user to adjust both speeds simultaneously for even finish profiles and various footpaths. The unique spherical “Widownd” inlet allows for easy portability and optimal use in a wide variety of applications. It is designed for optimal use on high-volume production runs and features a production capacity of up to 1800cc. The compact size and ergonomic controls with pads and buttons, make it a simple tool to use and to maintain.

The dual-feed system provides a fast turnover of material through the grinding or spinning wheels, ensuring that the finished product is of high quality and precision. There’d system also reduces back pressure, helps to maintain optimal machine temperature, and minimizes chatter. There’d systems use an optimally-designed two-piece sliding plate. These types of feed tubes allow for easy cleaning and polishing and have been calibrated for maximum performance.

The linear adjustment of the polishing head on this machine offers users precise finishes on all types of tubing and products. The straight tube feed can be adjusted from curves to straight tubes. The tubular curved tubes offer users an endless choice in pattern design and finishing, while the tubes with straight edges offer users a consistent finish on their products and have a high level of repeatability as well.

The polishing head is capable of cutting through both foil and bead, and its single-piece circular motion is very efficient in producing a refined, high-quality surface finish. The tube material may be machined with diamond hone, flats, grooves, and numerous other abrasive finishes. Its fully programmable software options include options for custom machine profiling and grinding.