Pipe Testing Machines And Their Uses

Pipe Testing Machine

Pipe Testing Machines And Their Uses

The UTSP-0000 Concrete Pipe Testing Machine is developing to perform several crushing tasks on concrete pipes, drainpipes, pipelines, fixtures, and cones. The machine is extremely useful for inspecting concrete pipe walls and floor slab. The machine is available with a capacity of up to 1000 kg per hour. The machine is available with or without a power unit. The latest model of the machine offers advanced features like automatic control buttons, touch-screen, speed controls, temperature controls and lift/low-flow indicators.

The Plastic Pipe Testing Machine is making to test both inner and external pipe systems. This machine is available with a capacity of up to 1000 kg per hour. This machine uses two high-speed cameras to detect the defects in a plastic pipe. The machine also helps in detecting the crack or other damage in the pipe and thereby helps in repair works. The internal pressure of the pipe is detected by the internal pressure switch of the machine.

The UTSP-0003 High-performance Trusted Pipe Testing Machine is using to test pipe joints where the diameter and length are more than the standard norm. This is a digital machine and performs three different tests to identify the pipe condition. The first test compares the capacity of the pipe against the maximum load. The second test measures the internal pressure against the pipe resistance. The third test helps in detecting any crack or other damage in the pipe joints.

The UTSP-0020 Steel Trusted Pipe Testing Machine is a fully automated machine that helps in single or multiple joint inspection. It is made to inspect steel pipes that are over two feet long. A video camera monitors the whole procedure and the operator are able to see the exact bend, diameter, length and other parameters. A built-in programmable LED display gives information on pipe condition. It has a single or multi-stage clamping plate along with movable clamping plate 11 and a movable control system. It is also equipped with a wet & dry isolation switch that stops the process if the pipe gets wet.

The PTFM-PTI-SAW Trusted Pipe Inspection Machine is suitable for both cold and hot pipes. It helps in single and multiple joint inspection on pipes that are up to one and a half inches in diameter and up to three and a half inches in diameter. The machine helps in checking the strength of the welds and also checks the diameter of the pipe joint. It detects if there is any crack in the pipe and helps in removing the old one and installing the new one.

The PCPTI-SAW is a fully automatic testing machine, which is very convenient in its use. It is able to detect rough or damaged surfaces along with defective or flaking joints. It can detect the pipe diameter that is up to 0.6 inches. For precise tests it comes with a digital display and can detect up to four different diameters at one time. With the help of this you can make the correct measurements of pipes that are more than three and half inches diameter. This will save your money and time as well.