What Is the Best Type of Workholder for My Workpiece?

Surface Grinder

What Is the Best Type of Workholder for My Workpiece?

A machine tool that is used to grind metal is called a surface grinder. This tool is mainly used during the drilling and cutting processes. These devices use a rotating wheel to remove the sharp bits of material from the workpiece. They can also be used for grinding burrs. Grinding wheels are usually attached to the machines as they are very difficult to move by oneself but there are some available that can be moved by an individual.

There are many different types of surface grinders available in the market. The most common type is the hydraulic one that can be used to grind both polished and rough surfaces. Surface grinders are used to create a very smooth finish on rough, flat surfaces. It is also a widely utilized abrasive cutting method where a spinning diamond wheel attached with a cutting block makes a gentle but consistent diamond-like face of it to cut chips of nonmetallic or metallic material. It is a fast and effective way of taking out small holes and polishing intricate surfaces as its diamond wheels can quickly grind to a near finish speed.

One more type of surface grinder is called the round face grinder that is used with a table-top grinding wheel attached to the end of a long cylindrical stick. The workpiece to be ground sits inside the chuck and is moved up and down by the grinding action. This type of grinder is excellent for rough workplaces where the work must be taken to the minimum possible depth.

A sliding type of surface grinder is also called the chuckless machine. The workpiece is moved along the sliding or slide wheel by a hydraulic pump. Work pieces that are too big for the sliding wheel chuck are kept in the chuck until the workpiece can be manually moved to the minimum depth to cut it. A disadvantage of this design is that the workpieces are kept inside the chuck when the chuck stops and the workpiece is moved to the maximum depth where the grinding wheel starts to spin.

The last type of surface grinder we will discuss is called the abrasive wheel. This type of machine has no moving parts, and its action is powered by a counterweight, which is placed on top of the chuck for counterbalance. The wheel acts like an anvil and it cranks back and forth in a similar fashion to a grinding stone. It can be used for grinding flat metals as well as rough textured metals. This unique action enables it to remove small sized particles that have been stuck within the workpiece. This type of machine also allows you to perform surface grinding on soft metal.

These three types of wheeled workholders are the most common ones found in workshops. They are easy to use with their basic operating procedures. When selecting one, it is important that you consider your specific needs and requirements. For best results you may want to invest in a pair of rotating surface grinders rather than single piece ones, since you tend to use them in a much larger amount of work.