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CNET November 26, 2015

XCAR Drive Guide
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The Aston Martin DB9 GT is a wonderful goodbye to a legend
It’s all refinement and luxury up here with the Aston Martin DB9 GT. Down below are some of the filthiest car films you’ve ever seen. Go on, let’s get dirty! READ MORE »
Drew Stearne
Content Director & Editor / London

Latest on XCAR /

Why do so many of us still buy cars with off-road abilities?

Cities are full of cars like the Subaru XV that can drive off-road but will never see any challenging terrain. What drives us to buy cars with these abilities when we don’t really need them most of the time?

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The Honda NSX was a Japanese mid-engined masterpiece

There is a new Honda NSX on its way, but before we get our hands on it, let’s look back at what made this car such a favourite among real and virtual drivers the world over.

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Is the new BMW 7 Series smarter than you?

The new BMW 7 Series has more tech than its competitors, but its new take on driving modes is what got XCAR excited.

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The McLaren 570S should be your first supercar

The 570S may be the most affordable McLaren to date but there is nothing “entry level” about this Porsche-troubling, Audi R8-slaying beauty of a car.

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Top Black Friday deals

Top Black Friday deals Whether you’re looking for a steal on cameras or headphones, we’ve rounded up the greatest tech deals.


Best of XCAR /

Muddy mayhem: The Land Rover Defender in its element

The Defender may be on the cusp of being discontinued, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t capable of off-road action. Quite the opposite in fact, as XCAR found out at Easton, where Land Rover challenges its vehicles.

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Rage Comet R: Off Road Supercar

The Rage Comet R is equally at home on the track, off road and in the air. We were lucky enough to see it take on all three. Fast.

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