CORRECTION: How a startup’s tiny dots could lead to better smartphone photos

With tech called quantum dots, InVisage promises to surpass the limits of today’s image sensors and vastly improve digital photos and videos.

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CNET November 10, 2015

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How a startup’s tiny dots could lead to better smartphone photos

With tech called quantum dots, InVisage promises to surpass the limits of today’s image sensors and vastly improve digital photos and videos. The first devices with its technology should arrive in early 2016.

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T-Mobile to give customers twice the data for the same price

It’s the latest move in the company’s “Uncarrier” campaign, which has successfully brought customers back in droves.

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Cord cutters cut off from presidential debates

Americans aren’t watching TV the way they used to. Cable companies and the two parties are adapting only slowly, if at all.

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Obama: Hello, Facebook! Let’s get serious, and have fun too

The president in May attracted more than a million followers less than five hours after sending his first tweet. Now he’s going after the “Like” votes.

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China to scrub its Internet of songs deemed offensive

The People’s Republic takes aim at music, ordering streaming companies to examine songs before they’re posted to ensure they’re not violent, overly sexual or inappropriate under government rules.

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Best Buy tempts buyers with Black Friday deals

The retailer cooks up several deals for Thanksgiving weekend, and it’s offering eight deals now to lure in shoppers way ahead of time.

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Microsoft’s Nadella wants to reinvent how we use computers

CEO Satya Nadella says his company is all about finding new ways for tech to interact with people.

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Reduce Troubleshooting Time Up to 59% in Your Virtual Environment Now

From TechRepublic:
Know exactly where to look when there’s a problem. SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager shows your entire virtualisation stack from VM to storage, the…


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Smarter Driver: What scares teen drivers?

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Make your desk more ergonomic

Make your desk more ergonomic Sitting at a desk all week can really take a toll on your body. CNET shows you how to set up your work space properly.


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