Designer Jones hits high in budget speaker quality

Hands-on with Google Chromecast, TiVo Bolt

CNET October 1, 2015

Home Theater and Audio
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Listen to this: Designer Andrew Jones takes budget-speaker sound quality to a new high
High-profile speaker designer Andrew Jones left Pioneer earlier this year for German company ELAC. He is now the head of speaker design at ELAC America and is responsible for the excellent new Debut range of speakers. Jones talks about his new designs with CNET’s Audiophiliac, Steve Guttenberg. READ MORE »
Ty Pendlebury
Senior Associate Editor / New York

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Google releases improved Chromecast for the same $35 price (hands-on)

Google’s latest streaming video device has better Wi-Fi connectivity and an integrated HDMI cable. Its updated software also allows cross-platform search and better app and content discovery.

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Sonos’ new Play:5 speaker is bigger, sleeker, better sounding (hands-on)

Sonos has a brand-new flagship multiroom audio speaker, and it’s a major improvement over its predecessor in every way, although it does cost more.

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TiVo Bolt is a smaller, faster DVR with 4K-streaming for cable lovers or cutters

If you’re looking for one box to watch TV and streaming video — including ultra-high-def content — all over your home (and soon away from it) the Bolt is here. But, as always, the costs of ownership will keep some buyers away.

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LG Music Flow sound bar offers great features and performance

The LG Music Flow LAS751M is a dynamite package not only for its cutting-edge features at a great price, but also for sophisticated performance that elevates it above run-of-the-mill competitors.

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Will Apple Music have many people to charge?

After three months of free trials, Apple Music begins charging subscribers Wednesday. We asked people if they were planning to pay — and had a hard time finding people who were using it at all.

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What’s new with iOS 9

What's new with iOS 9 Apple’s new mobile operating system has some neat tricks. Here are all the latest bells and whistles you need to play with.


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